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Chizuru Genkino is a canon character who is from Metallica Paradise. She is also known as Metari Genkino's older sister, and the first and oldest member, who is the lead vocalist and the rhythm guitarist of the band, MetalliPara.

Chizuru is very energetic, clumsy at times, and very boyish. She often gets serious with Metari, of course she doesn't want to be mad, you know? And also, she loves metal and rock. She wants to be a famous vocalist and guitarist when she grows up.

She is often seen that she wears colored eye contacts, and glasses in the anime.

She likes her favorite genre (of course!!!)

She dislikes OPM, Mundo, IV of Spades, and other things that Metari is intelligible when she asks her about maturity at home.
Canon Characters in Metallica Paradise
Chizuru Genkino
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