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Manabu Mishou
Mishou Manabu
General Information
Title(s) The Learning Seedling
Season 2 (fan-fiction in Metallica Paradise)
Age 14
Gender Female
Birthday Date July 6, 1995 (confirmed)
Eye Color Silhouette, it is unknown, it is white
Hair Color White
Origin Sakuragaoka
Family Information
Parents Unknown
Siblings Nikkou Mishou (older brother)
Grandparents Unknown
Other Relatives Unknown
As Cure Journey
Alter Ego Cure Journey, appearing in the 1st volume of the fan-fiction
Power Wind, notes, memories, magic realism
Weapon Silhouette Grand Coord and Microphone
Form Change(s) Super Cure Manabu
Theme Color White
Anime Information

Manabu Mishou is a mysterious silhouette who is known as Nikkou Mishou's younger sister.

Manabu is a caring, intelligent, and a shy girl who often gets bullied by Metallic Arisa except some others. She is referenced as the special student who got high honors, better than Arisa nor to Metallic Mikiko.

Manabu loves her brother Nikkou very much. He comforts her all the time to make her feel confident to deal with Arisa.