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Mayumi Minamoto is a PriIdol who always studied idols and is from Parajuku (formerly). After a few months, she transfers to Tsukigaoka to enroll her skills to practice in PriPara.

Mayumi is just like Faruru. She is naive, but can speak in a robotic voice.

Outside Tsukigaoka, she is quiet, shy, and smart.

Inside Tsukigaoka (PriPara mode), she now has an upbeat personality, but has a sense of a klutz.

Coords used

  • Master of Puppets Cyalume Coord (during episodes 10-30)
  • Mayumi Paradise Super Coord (episodes 30-46)
  • The Metallica Collection Retro Coord (episodes 46-52, during flashbacks)
  • Master Kiseki Cyalume Coord (episodes 46-64)