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Welcome to the wiki <3

Welcome to the wiki, it is about the fan characters who met connected with their own dreams!

About MetalliPara Fanon Wikia

About MetalliPara Fanon, it is a fanon series based on the original wiki. It is very interesting how the fanon OC's experience their life to become a fulfilled musician like them. Their influences will go to their amazing thoughts, and reach the future!

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  • Please do not use adult content, foul language, and bad words. This fan wiki is for everyone.
  • Do not terrorize comments about articles and memes.
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Welcome to Metallica Paradise Fan Wiki!

It's the wiki where everyone connects through the music of MetalliPara!

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Metallica Paradise!
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"Anything you can make, anyone can make a page!" ― Every MetalliPara members, albums, and fanon OC's

MetalliPara Fanon Wiki is where you can share the connections of musical influences with the fan fiction characters joined in Metallica Paradise, and also, the band members will help to see what's on!

When you didn't know what OC to draw, just search any anime girl picture (or non-MetalliPara member photo) to your matching color. When you see a non-fanon, that means you can't edit some of my characters of the members.

If you need help, contact me/Pastel Metallica if you want! :)

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