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No, user! This fanon page causes spoilers!!
Tomoyo warns you that MetallicBlue causes spoilers. Read at your own risk, if you say so.

Note, this is my 1st joke OC. If you bully Noun-chan, Pro-chan, and other subjects, you're banned.

MetallicBlue is a joke fanon OC which is known as the impossible master of Noun-chan itself, and it is a virtual robot.

MetallicBlue is a true kind of master who triggers a lot of problems out of MetalliPara members in Metallica Paradise. Its intelligence will be required if someone has a special Cyalume Mic and a Cyalume Guitar.

MetallicBlue is also a little shy. Because of its soft-spoken voice, it can go towards people.

MetallicBlue's favorite album is...

drum roll please yeet

RELOAD and the secret album it liked is the master of the puppets hahahaha

AHAHAHAHA WHY WHY DID I JUST WROTE and why is this article SO LONG????

MetallicBlue only likes puppets and puppeteers.

MetallicBlue dislikes animals and teachers.

MetallicBlue is afraid of pronouns.